Residential Real Estate Transactions

The Law Offices of Nicole Starck represents Clients through all stages of the home buying and selling process including making and accepting offers, purchase and sale negotiations, title examinations, clearing title defects, issuing title insurance, conducting closings, paying off mortgages and obtaining and recording discharges. In addition, we work with a variety of different Lenders and can represent them through all aspects of the loan closing process. The Law Offices of Nicole Starck specializes in first-time home buyers, making sure to provide the extra time and attention that often comes with navigating the process for the first time. Our goal is to have happy, stress-free Clients who are not only secure in the representation that they are receiving, but are also educated so that they understand everything completely.

Moderate Estate Planning

The Law Offices of Nicole Starck works with Clients to ensure that their assets and family are protected in the event that a family member becomes disabled or passes away. Our customized estate plans are based on each Client’s individual needs and we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that is specific to your personal situation. Our plans utilize carefully drafted, individualized documents such as wills, trusts, health care proxies, powers of attorney, advanced directives, HIPAA releases, emergency guardianship proxies and declarations of homestead. We pride ourselves in educating our Clients and providing them with a variety

Real Estate Investment & Development

The Law Offices of Nicole Starck works with investors and developers in the procurement, renovation and subsequent sale of real estate. We specialize in prioritizing transactions so that cash clients and investors can purchase property in as little as two weeks from the purchase and sale signing. The Law Offices of Nicole Starck can assist clients with establishing business entities to own real estate, setting up 1031 exchanges, and facilitating closings with limited involvement.

Condominium Conversions

The Law Offices of Nicole Starck can assist homeowners’s and developers with converting their existing multi-family property into condo units. We work in conjunction with architects, builders and surveyors to draft comprehensive condominium documents in compliance with Massachusetts law. Our extensive experience on the Buyer side of transactions give us valuable insight as to what prospective purchasers look for in condominium documents and draft Master Plans, Declarations of Trust, Rules and Regulations and Budgets with these things in mind.

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Joshua Brooks

Hello, I received your information from Travis Mazerall a colleague of mine. My wife and I are about to have twins and I would like to create a will that can determine the divisions of our assets as well as the custody of our children should anything happen. I hope that you might be able to help with that.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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